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You Tune Controller for Rapidbike Evo and Racing

YouTune is the new handlebar mounted controller putting a technological revolution in your hands. A compact and innovative calibration device allowing to customize your bike’s performance in real time, whether you are on the street or on a race track.

To be purchased as a separate accessory for installation with Rapid Bike EVO and Rapid Bike RACING modules.

  • AIR/FUEL PARAMETERS MANAGEMENT to optimize carburetion in real time thanks to the possibility of changing auto-adaptive target value for fueling corrections

  • ELECTRONIC QUICK SHIFTER MANAGEMENT to change the injection kill time

  • SHOWING MAIN ENGINE PARAMETERS including RPM, TPS, AFR (actual AFR can only be displayed with the addition of "My Tuning Bike" ) , OEM Lambda Status, etc.

  • ENGINE BRAKE MANAGEMENT* to change and modulate the effects of engine brake available with all RB racing systems and "some" with RB EVO systems.

  • TRACTION CONTROL ACTIVATION AND MANAGEMENT* to enable Traction Control function and change all related settings to increase or decrease its effectiveness, "Feature of RB Racing system only" NOT available with RB EVO systems.

  • LAUNCH CONTROL ACTIVATION AND MANAGEMENT* to enable and modulate the settings allowing to perform a ‘flying start’ "Feature of RB Racing system only" NOT available with RB EVO system