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Rapidbike "Easy" module
Modulates the closed loop by modifying the lambda sensor signal. Clears up the fueling problem below 50 %  throttle that no other company can touch!

This is a very simple yet efficient inexpensive tuning solution. If you feel your bike needs a full-on tuning solution and the fueling issues are beyond closed loop area, PLEASE consider RB EVO or RB Racing system. If you are unsure about what you might need , e-mail us at

  Rapid Bike EASY add-on electronic module is equipped with a microprocessor managing directly the lambda sensor signal to optimize the air/fuel ratio, improve the engine efficiency and eliminate the torque and power gaps typical of the low and medium rpm. 

  Simply PLUG & PLAY! Install your Easy module inline with stock lambda sensor/s connector and check for operating status.

  Now you are ready for the module fine-tuning: this is a very simple procedure (using two trimmers easy to access) without any need for additional software operations.

  Easy add-on module can manage up to two lambda sensors, and it is designed especially for motorbikes with a standard